Colorful Fashion Hairstyles from UNice

Colorful hairstyles are most popular with fashion girls. But many girls do not know how to get these hairstyles by themselves. UNice collect some tips for bleaching,you need do in advance. If you're new to bleaching and dying and need some help, check out this article on how to bleach dark hair! Now, let's get on with the styles.

1. Pastel-two-tone-hair
【How to:】
This one involves a lot of dye, but it's a simple process. Hair must be bleached as light as possible. Split your hair down the middle and put one side up in a pigtail so they don't mix.

Beginning with the purple side, start off using Manic Panic Lie Locks. Paint along your part and your roots using your dye brush, and carry the dye down about halfway down the length of your hair. Wash your dye brush, and then apply Mystic Heather the rest of the way down.

When you're done, put that side up in a pigtail and let the other side of your hair down. Copy the same process as before, but fading from Atomic Turquoise to Siren's Song. REMEMBER to mix Atomic Turquoise with conditioner - I'd do about half and half or so. The turquoise is pretty dark, so you can choose how light you want it to be with conditioner.Let it sit, and rinse with cold water after several hours!

2. Pastel Rainbow
【How to:】
For a pastel look like this one, your hair will have to be as platinum as possible - which you can achieve with bleach and a good toner, like Wella Color Charm's White Lady. There are a few ways you can do this look: By dyeing as you would in #3 and letting the colors fade, by diluting already dark dyes, or by using specifically pastel dyes.

The Manic Panic colors I have listed above are already pastel, besides Electric Lizard - which will have to be toned down with conditioner. To do this, just mix it half and half with conditioner. Then, follow the same process as in style below!

3. Purple, Blue, and Green hair
【How to:】
This sort of dye job will be easiest to perform with the help of a professional, or an arty friend. Keeping dye from mixing will be difficult. You'll need lots of tin foil, some bowls, and separate dye brushes. It's also handy to have a removable shower head, for when it's time to wash out.

Separate the different dyes into bowls, with a dye brush designated for each color. Carefully take sections and paint them with the dye brush, root to tip, as desired. This is where the foil can come in handy. Line up the edge of the foil with your roots, and paint the strand of hair until it is fully saturated. Then, fold the tin foil over the hair and let it sit.

Work your way through all of your hair, being careful not to mix colors. Let it sit as long as your heart desires, at least a few hours. If you have friends, now is the time to call on them for help!

Starting from the top down, rinse out dyed strips one piece at a time in cold water (warm water causes the color to fade).

4. Teal Blue Ombre
【How to:】
If you're looking to replicate this gorgeous ombre, you'll have to have very light ends. There's this thing with blue/green dye where if your hair isn't PERFECTLY platinum, it'll turn baby poop brown. If you have dark hair, you will definitely have to use some sort of bleach to lift the color from your ends.

To achieve an ombre, you have to mix a few varying concentrations of dye - so that it'll have that nice fading effect. If your hair is boobs-length, you'll probably be good with one mixture. Using a bowl, mix equal amounts dye and conditioner. Set it aside for later!

After using your dye brush to apply black (or not) at your roots, wash it to get all of the black out. Then, use the brush to apply Enchanted Forest for the next several inches down your strands. Be sure to overlap it with the black to blend.

Using a clean dye brush, do the same with the dye/conditioner blend. Paint it down to about two inches away from the tips of your hair. Leave the tips dye-free - so they stay as light as possible! After about an hour, wash it all out. If the dye has bled too much into your white ends, use hot water and baking soda to lighten them back up!

5. Violet Tones
【How to:】
The photo above is a faded version of mixing Manic Panic purple dyes. I've listed a few dyes above that can help you achieve this look! Violet Night is a bit darker, so if you want to you can leave it as is for a darker look, or mix it with conditioner to lighten it up. Lie Locks is pretty light as is.

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Special Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial Hand By Hand

Create this gorgeous braided, boho wedding hair in with this easy step-by-step guide from Great Lengths. This layered plait look suits brides who want to wear their hair down, but don’t just want classic curls - perfect for a relaxed festival wedding!

Before you begin
You will need:
A paddle brush.
A light finishing spray. (We recommend I.C.O.N. Done).
Bobby Pins. For this style, the finished result is better if hair is prepped with a soft wave texture first.

【Step one】
Brush hair and create a deep side parting

【Step two】
On the main side, create three or four braids – some which sit on the surface and others that are hidden within the hair. You can seal each braid by backcombing the ends

【Step three】
At the back, pull the hair round and behind the head. Create a sweeping fringe by pulling hair over the face and securing with a pin above the ear.

【Step four】
Secure your look with a spritz of I.C.O.N. Done. Place the headpiece – a headband works best with this hairstyle. 


Hottest Charming Hairstyle For Office Girls

Are you the type that loves to be on-trend and wearing “the style” of the season but you do not know what kind of hairstyles for work? Many office girls love to be fashion but they want to try something new. If so, take a peep at these chic cuts and sexy styles that are THE haircuts for you now. 


1. Platinum perfection. An impeccably styled short cut features flawless color that perfectly complements her skin tone.
2.A crisp off-center part unleashes soft, multidimensional blonde waves that encompass the face before gently grazing the shoulders.


3.Work it, ladies! Add a bit of intrigue to your chin-length bob with a sultry wave that masks the eye for an alluring take on beauty.
4.Feeling blue? This pixie is the perfect pick-me-up with a stunning deep blue hue at the roots that beautifully transcends into cool, icy tips.


5.A stimulating platinum hue is an exquisite way to accent this tousled pixie cut in a way that is uniquely captivating.
6.The vanilla bean hue serves to preserve the light, whimsical nature of the style, in addition to complimenting the model’s skin tone.


7.The mane attraction! From the blunt cut lines to the very berry hue, this short cut is as dynamic as the woman who wears it.
8.Express yourself with ombré color! Jet-black strands are laced with iridescent purple hues that shimmer elegantly down soft waves.


9.This cropped cut with side-swept bangs marries layers of color with varying lengths to add dimension and create a style symphony.
10.The vibrant pulse of this retro style is more than evident, borrowing elements from multiple periods for a look that’s on trend for spring.


11.A thick curtain of bangs paired with a copper hue transcend trends to tell a story of style and personal beauty.
12.This mature, shoulder-length style speaks of individual style, focusing on the soft wavy layers to the copper-brown hair color.


13.Luxurious waves with ample body and bounce and rich, butterscotch highlights elevate this look to the level of elegance.
14.A sultry, peek-a-boo bang with wispy accents is set off by the model’s golden hair color that casts a glow on her flawless skin.

15.The platinum hue is an important ally to the cut, enhancing the fine contours of the model’s face shape while highlighting her piercing eyes.


30 Trendy Colorful Hairstyles For Spring

Spring indeed comes now!!! Are you thinking of changing your hair in this warm season? Following colorful hair colors will give you a idea for your choice. Browse through these 30 styles and decide which technique captures your vision for your own color. Today’s trendy hair is always complex in color, meaning solid colors are still OK, but if you want a really chic hairstyle, you’ll want to incorporate some subtle or more pronounced accent highlights in your strands.

#1: Mahogany Balayage
In stylist lingo, an ombre and a balayage are two different styles of coloring. It is crucial to understand the difference between asking your stylist for an ombre, and asking for a balayage. A balayage has a smooth transition between the dark and light color, however, the lighter color travels higher up on the head than an ombre. This technique gives the appearance of natural highlights throughout the crown area, and gradually becomes the lighter color exclusively on the ends.

#2: Blonde Balayage
Two-tone hair for blondes usually means they have balayaged highlights throughout the head to achieve an organic color. Typically, this method is used to add depth and dimension to get a natural, surfer girl blonde. Another plus is that it is a freehand technique, cutting down a lot of the time you would usually have to spend watching your stylist wrap your hair in foils. Blonde balayage for brunettes is not as quick and would take much more time for bleaching.

#3: Be Fearless!
Get funky with your color! Don’t feel pressured to stick to traditional blondes, reds, and browns. Trying unconventional colors can be as addicting as tattoos, so you have been fairly warned! The upkeep requires more work, but the results are more than worth it.

#4: Two Colors, Two Cuts
Sprinkle a little extra something on your luminous tones by adding an undercut tattoo. A more literal form of “two tones” is having two tones of color, as well as two tones of cuts. Short hair with designs cut into it might be out of the question due to occupational reasons, but having that veil of longer hair to hide your inner spunk is a fast fix.

#5: Don’t Forget the UNDERtone
Two toned hair can also literally be two different tones of one color, such as red. Simple color patterns can be used to add depth by using two slightly deviant tones. For instance, using a high level red to contrast a medium, red-violet is an example of not needing to use technical color placement when you need a little more than just one, solid color.

#6: High Contrast
Bringing pictures of your ideas is always a great way to get you and your stylist on the same page. Stylists tend to blend the lighter color into the darker one by progressively getting lighter down at the ends, but maybe you really wanted the distinction in colors. Finding a stylist that will give you exactly what you want, without pressuring you into their own ideas, is key to leaving the salon happy and with the color you walked in wanting. Definitely do your research when hunting down a stylist!

#7: Play With Placement
Half and half hairstyles do not always have to be a part down the middle of your head, one color on the left, and another on the right. Thinking outside the store-bought box of color can give you stand-out results. A contrast color around the perimeter of the hairline is a spin-off of half-and-half styles. Two tones do not always have to blend into one another. Each color can have its set placement wherever you decide to place it on your head. Stay open-minded when attempting new styles!

#8: Subtle Tweaks on Bold Styles
Half and half hair, with even two slightly differing colors, can give your hair that something extra it needs to not appear so basic or boring. Subtle placement is more noticeable on short hair, but it can make a bold statement. Even the most clever color patterns can be seen considerably better in pictures of short hair, making your desired look more manageable for your stylist to replicate.

#9: Cool and Warm
When configuring colors to pair together on a half and half design, do not couple only warm colors or cool colors together so as to not take away from the contrast. Pairings of warmth and coolness are often less predictable and more attractive, as fresh solutions. Also consider the intensity, or vibrancy, of the final pair you choose. Using softer, pastel shades can help tone down a style perceived as a more alternative one.

#10: Fringe-Worthy
Adding an accent of color to your fringe is a quick color service you can do on your own at home. All you need to weave in color at home is: a comb, a couple of foils, and your color. The only warning when using any bright colors, red specifically, to weave into blonde hair, is that these colors tend to bleed when you wash them, and can affect the overall tone of your blonde.

#11: Electrifying Scene
If you are deep in the ‘scene hair’ trend, get electric with your color choices! Bright, neon colors are killer on two-toned hair. The placement almost doesn’t even matter when working with these colors because they are just so appealing to the color-loving eye. One thing to remember, however, is that these colors tend to be more difficult to remove once you are ready to move on to something different.

#12: You Can Wig It
The upkeep of punk colors is more demanding than ‘regular’ colors, and can ultimately be more damaging to your hair. Consider wigs as an amusing and playful alternative to putting your own hair through the stress of the chemical processes it requires to maintain bright colors. There are some amazing wigs in trendy colors and styles available in online stores.

#13: Mermaid Balayage/Ombre
Mermaid color solutions are walking pieces of hair art! The color combos and seamless blending of vibrant hues are so captivating, it’s hard not to start picturing yourself as a sea goddess. It can be a journey to reach these mermaid goals while still maintaining your hair’s health, so always respect the time frame and number of sessions recommended by your stylist to reach the desired tones.

#14: The Bright Side
The best part of starting with half blonde half black hair, is that you can play with bright colors on the lighter half once you’re over the blonde. Trying different shades by formulating your own mixtures of color can be very gratifying, and slightly addictive in a good way.

#15: For the Commitment probe
Two colors framing your face can be an alternative to devoting a full half of your head to one color, and the other half to a different color. Aside from being suited for the commitment-probes, sometimes less is just more. For a hair fashionista, playing with color placement, there is a difference between following trends, and setting the trends!

#16: Scene It
Split dye, or half and half dyeing, is predominant in the scene/emo hair world. Disconnected layers with massive amounts of texture are characteristic traits of the scene style, along with high-contrasting color combinations. Adding one or two tracks of clip-in extensions can bring out more of the disconnection, or you can add individual colorful pieces if you want to play with the color a bit.

#17: Reverse It
Sometimes your inner mod compels you to add your own twist to an existing style. There aren’t really any rules with two-tone hair color, so make up your own! A reverse ombre would start with a lighter color on top, and progressively get darker on the ends. Mod styles are the rocker’s rebellious response to trendy fashionistas.

#18: Neon Ombre
Hard lines are usually what you try to stay away from in an ombre, but somehow, bright, bold colors make breaking the rules okay when done right. Be fierce and take risks! Neon ombres are the love child of scene and mermaid styles, with just a dash of mod love.

#19: Just the Tips
If you’re afraid to go short out of fear to end looking like you have the dreaded soccer mom haircut, add a flare of color just to the tips of your short style. That small splash of color showcases the essence of your personal style, and brings life to what can easily look like an uninspired cut. The maintenance is minimal, and is not as long of a process as other color services.

#20: Peek-a-boos
Peek-a-boos are the most prevalent form of two-toned hair and styles with an added pop of color. The “pop” can be as loud as your stylist’s imagination wants, or can also add depth without having typical, cookie-cutter highlights. The placement of color depends on your overall goal, as well as your haircut. Essentially the color should look like it is “peeking”, or “hiding”, throughout your hair, and should create a lot of movement and dimension.

#21 Pure light purple
If you want to be more romantic and attractive, this light purple will suit for you best. Standing on the crowd street,you will be the most outstanding one. Try it for the romance.

#22 Blonde hair with blue streaks
Blonde hair color is most popular with fashionable girls. But have you been tired of the boring color all the round? Few blue clip in hair extension strains will add more valid to this hairstyles.

#23 Long Red Hair
Red hair color is favored by many celebrities, because the bright of the red will bring happiness to the person who choose it. Smile now and em-brass everyone with this pleasant hair color.

#24 Braided long Pink Hairstyle
Have you tried this color before? If no, try it now. This color is so warm, light. All the things surrounding will be in harmony. Best color in this warm spring season.

#25 Blue to Green Ombre Hair
Ombre hair but not so strong contract, the hairstyles blend the blue and green so well. You will never feel sad with this perfect hair color. Lighten up your life.

#26 Dark Blue Wave Hair
Blue is the most popular hair color, not only for black girls. It is suitable for the girls with different skin. If you do not want to try bright color, this dark blue is a good idea.

#27 Blonde Blue and pink
Three colors add cute to this common hairstyles. If you want to look young,this hair color will perfect for you.

#28 Ombre blonde- yellow-green
 Amazing hair color mixed, wanna to have a try?

#29 Dark Brown hair color
Natural wave with is dark brown hair color, good for work. Always be charming and gorgeous.

#30 Pink and Purple
Light pink and purple hair color create a young and positive look. Try it now!

Have you found the one you love? Try the color now and @unicehair on Instagram.